Sunday, March 15, 2009

doing okay

It's Sunday again. I'm doing okay. I started to "freewrite" for 5 minutes a day last Monday. I wound up writing something else a result, about the term "battered woman". I weigh 162 lbs. I didn't begin to walk, etc. last week. I am still taking 5 mg. Abilify in the morning.

Mar 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

back in europe

I returned to Europe on February 6, 2009. I was somewhat more overweight. I have since lost that weight and am now back down to 158 lbs. I have had a harder time adjusting to being back. I feel like I would like to be doing something more and have been researching what that may be. I have yet to begin walking, meditating and saying affirmations again. I plan to begin again on Monday. Most of the winter I had a bad cough which prevented the walking. I plan to walk 20 minutes, do situps and pushups and meditate beginning with 5 minutes a day. I am still on 5 mg. Abilify, taken in the mornings.