Friday, October 15, 2010

" or two things..."

"I'll find a soapbox on which to shout it...And I can think of one or two things to say..."
--the White Stripes

"...find a soapbox..."
"...shout it..."

{i have visitors from Berlin.}

Thursday, October 14, 2010


"Sad to see that you're suffering. Work hard at being a something."
--The Associates

Sunday, October 10, 2010


"no longer will bloggers be able to 'lob' insults", according to a federal ussa judge.

A woman was "a psychotic, lying, whoring...skank" in a Google blog.

"The court sided with Cohen[, the woman,] citing defamation 'concerning her appearance, hygiene, and sexual conduct'."


words, "ho","psychotic", "lying", "whoring", "skank"

My appearance when five humans (two females and three males) decided to phone police on (me) was my best dress, my best coat (the weather changed to warm on 15 March 1996, in Chicago). [After one month and a half homeless, treated well by police and not raped.] My hygiene was fine (but called poor later, i think), fingernails were clean, my body was not dirty.

My sexual conduct was nobody's business. No one asked me about my sexual conduct .

I was told in Saint Louis that I was going to get a "shot" of risperdal because I was "not wearing make up that day". A nurse showed me.

I was told in Saint Louis that I was put in a mental hospital when I said I was getting a tattoo.

I was called 'names' worse than the above, (though probably in email rather that in blogs).

I think "schiz", "schizo", and "schizophrenic", in ussa, are also 'names'.

from the article:

"Not surprisingly, the experience has soured the Manhattan demi-monde for Cohen, a Canadian. 'There are very few places I'll go now,' she says. 'I won't just go anywhere. I need to know there are friends there, otherwise I get freaked.'"

Saturday, October 2, 2010

rock on

Rock On

a metalbed room

a metalbed room

There is a camera on ceiling.

There is a toilet with no sink in the left back corner.
You cannot use the toilet in the left back corner with no sink.

You cannot say no to a metalbed room

A metalbed room is very, very, very, very hot when
the door is locked.

In the metalbed room is a metalbed.

Stare at the camera on the ceiling. Try to get off of
the metalbed. Try, just try. Now, "try a little
bit harder!" There is a bedpan on the metalbed,
you have no underwear on the metalbed, so
you can pee! You can shit on a metal bed!

Try to get off of the metalbed. Try, try.
Now, "Try a little bit harder!"

Thank you! All of you! Thank you
metalbed salesmen! Thank you metalbed
room makers!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

"...seen as sufficient time for a 'diagnosis'"

From "Beyond the Psychiatric Box" (in blogroll to left)

"The Psychiatric Box...

The psychiatrist appears to listen to the patient's distress but not for too long. Often now, ten to fifteen minutes is seen as sufficient time for a 'diagnosis'."