Sunday, August 10, 2008

the week's progress, long-term studies

This past week I continued meditation, one time a day for 20 minutes, affirmations, 2-3 times a day, and gratitude lists most nights. I also continued with my dream journal. I now smoke 15 cigarettes a day. I cut back to one cup of coffee a day (from 2).

I've noted that full recovery from schizophrenia has been said to be non-existent, rare, 20%, 25%, and 33% in various articles and studies. Here is an article which collects some long-term studies of schizophrenia: Long-Term Follow-Up Studies of Schizophrenia

One thing to point out about these studies is that in the WHO study it has been said that the better rate of recovery in developing countries may be due to the fact that neuroleptics are rarely used there.

this past week's progress --

  • medication: continued taking 10 mg Abilify in the morning each day
  • sleep: averaged 10 hours a night
  • exercise: walked 2 days
  • diet: ate 3-4 meals a day
  • weight: 158 lbs.
  • mood: ok all mornings but one, when I awoke depressed

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