Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have begun to smoke cigarettes using my other hand, to prepare to stop smoking this summer or autumn. This week, I will not smoke while drinking coffee.

I was hearing voices since March, 2009. Mostly family. It made my head and face twitch.

My husband said this is a glitch in my brain.

"Whatever else you do, keep telling yourself that the voice comes from a malfunction in your brain and under no circumstances pay any heed to what the voice says." --International Hearing Voices Movement

Here is info regarding The Hearing Voices Movement. Quoted from the Wikipedia page:

"INTERVOICE is critical of psychiatry in relation to the way the profession generally understands and treats people who hear voices and holds that their research has led them to the position that schizophrenia is an unscientific and unhelpful hypothesis which should be abandoned."

INTERVOICE is the new organisation that was created from The Hearing Voices Movement.

I tried talking with the voices, which is said to work for some. This did not work for me.

Then, I tried ignoring them, which works better for me.

I never heard voices before I was put on neuroleptics. In fact, I did not hear voices until years after I was put on neuroleptics (5 years).

  • medication: 5 mg Aripiprazole a.m., 10 mg Aripiprazole before sleep
  • sleep: average 11.6 hrs
  • exercise: walked every day but one
  • diet: made certain to eat breakfast every day
  • weight: 159 lbs.
  • mood: ok all mornings upon rising

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