Friday, August 27, 2010

electronic records, medicine for adults, tens, and children

pardon, for not writing for a few weeks. I am busy with my husband and work. Now, we are going on a vacation, so I am posting a day early. I was not able to weigh my body today, so I will not post "this past week". I forgot. I always weigh my body early in the morning.

two people told me that I was "schizophrenic" because I was "too skinny".

On to the news:

electronic records exist in the ussa (any record can be found by any doctor, I saw that while there)

medicine for adults is changing (some abilify 5 mg is white and tastes like candy)

medicine for tens is changing (sometimes a play, short story, novel, poem, or song can lead to medicine if it is considered too violent of writing or indicative of something not liked by those who are in power and considered normal)

medicine for children --- there is much, much, much more (now, can be given based on parents', sisters' or brothers' personal info in electronic records) no. no. ussa

these medicines originated in ussa.

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