Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a lifelong vigilance

(Narrated by David Carradine)

-----------------the Spirit-------------------------

spirit possessed

"What is real to the Aimara is often invisible."

"Malignant forces - can cause crop failure" to the Aimara.

"...and spirit possessions [are] accepted among the Aimara."

Of one Aimara man, 'twas said, "...but he became possessed when he couldn't prevent
weariness. Weariness overcame his lifelong vigilance."

I had a lifelong vigilance which was interrupted in 1996, March, on a friday.
I was not suicidal. I had never attempted suicide. I was not a "danger to myself or others."
I was not weary.

One Aimara man had "...repeated threats of suicide..." He couldn't sleep.

He later said, "This business of going 'crazy' is a bad thing."

I had slept. I was not tired. I was not a "danger to myself and others."

I was told by six representatives of an organisation and two former employers that I was "a danger to myself or others."

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