Sunday, September 5, 2010

Part I - Robert Whitaker on Madness Radio

For schizophrenia, Robert Whitaker said, "40% of those off drugs are recovered after five years; 5% of those on drugs are recovered after five years." (on Madness Radio)

I believe this research. What is called "schizophrenia" (for the last hundred years only) is not assisted by medicine (the drugs).

"Once you are on the drugs, there's a pretty high chance you'll relapse. ", said Robert Whitaker on Madness Radio.

"That relapse rate is greatly increased by the fact that the drugs change their brain" -- R.W.

Are the changes in the brain shown in colour photos of those with "schizophrenia" caused by "schizophrenia" or the medicine (the drugs)?

"How is it working for society as a whole?
It's not."
-- Robert Whitaker

Who profits? Not patients. Investors.

"From science's point of view
exposure to drugs [antidepressants]
doubled the risk of chronic illness."

Someone I know also became labelled manic-depressive (bipolar) only after on antidepressants. This is very common, according to Robert Whitaker.

"In psychiatry almost all [are] on advisory boards, consultants to pharma..."

Robert Whitaker said that "...drugs [can be] used as tools in thoughtful ways." There must be "honest research, honest reports," informed decisions, and "weigh[ed] benefits."

Who benefits, really? Who profits.

Madness Radio, Sane Medication Policy, Robert Whitaker

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