Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i am a woman

I took the beardedladydisease test/quiz. I had almost all false. (in 2005)

I am uncertain that the beardedladydisease test/quiz is in this great blog, as I am in a hurry:


please look.

i know that when hospitalised, a woman is allowed only a razor, which causes hair to grow faster into a "moustache", if a woman has hair between nose and upper lip.

someone recently recommended that i 'wax' my chin and lower cheeks on my face, which i refused to do, as the same would happen.

sometimes, a woman can be assisted by a friend's recommendation.

where i live, in eastern europa, there are some women who have some hair growing between nose and upper lip who are respected (and even loved).

i must go.

i am a woman.

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