Tuesday, August 16, 2011

drinking coffee strategically

medicine: 20 mg. Aripiprazole in the mornings.
diet: three to four meals a day
exercise: walking
weight: 145 lbs.
mood: o.k.
sleep: 8 hours

Medicine, taken. Diet, okay. Exercise, good. Weight, same. Mood, o.k. Sleep, eight hours.

My husband informed me of an article about coffee intake. It recommends that one weans himself off of coffee. Then, go without coffee for ten days straight. After that, one can use coffee strategically by drinking a strong cup of occasional coffee "as a...smart pick-me-up."

What you do not want is a "daily tolerance". Have a strategic cup of coffee (drinking it "fairly quickly"), then, take a nap for fifteen minutes and wake up refreshed.

How To Break Your Daily Coffee Intake and Use Coffee Strategically

is also a coffee compound. GABA "is the chief inhibitory transmitter in the mammalian central nervous system." Neurotransmitter functions and functioning are of interest. So, reconsider drinking a lot of coffee.

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