Tuesday, November 29, 2011


medicine: 20 mg. Aripiprazole in the mornings.
diet: three to four meals a day
exercise: walking
weight: 129 lbs.
mood: o.k.
sleep: 8 hours

The mass killer in Norway, Brevik, was declared paranoid schizophrenic.

Of him, John Christian Elden said, "...he will of course be incarcerated."

"And if the outcome is criminally sane or insane, that is, first and foremost a psychiatric question. The most important thing in our clients' opinion is that he will not be able to walk the streets."

What is interesting to me, here (as one who was formerly declared "paranoid schizophrenic", then, c/"schizophrenia", then, "schizoaffective") is that the word "incarcerated" and the words "will not be able to walk the streets" are used to describe the outcome for one called "paranoid schizophrenic", "schizophrenic", "schizoaffective", "bipolar", and "depressed".

Obvious, I know, that Brevik deserves to be incarcerated and not able to walk the streets.

Many, however, like me, are incarcerated and not allowed to walk the streets when they are not a danger to others or themselves.

It is for those people that I write this blog.

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