Monday, April 2, 2012

"Vapping": switching from paper cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

medicine: 20 mg. Aripiprazole in the mornings.
diet: three to four meals a day
exercise: walking
weight: 136 lbs.
mood: okay (to good)
sleep: 8 hours

I reported on 7 February 2012 that I had stopped smoking paper cigarettes and switched to e-cigarettes.  I continued smoking paper cigarettes.

USSA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tightens rules to require tobacco firms to report levels of dangerous chemicals

Tobacco Companies Must Reveal Harmful Ingredients

Now, though addicted to chemicals in paper cigarettes, my husband and I are stopping smoking paper cigarettes.  We had two paper cigarettes together, outside, on Saturday, then stopped.

We have both switched to e-cigarettes.  We plan to "vap" e-cigarettes for some years.

According to many sources I've read, after three days, many withdrawal symptoms from paper cigarettes subside.  By Tuesday, I shall be feeling better, from what I have read.

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