Friday, September 5, 2008

reduction in medication

On September 2, I reduced my medication to 5 mg. Abilify in the mornings. I just cut the 10 mg. Abilify in half, then take half. I have had restless sleep since then and greater fatigue in the daytime, leading to 1 hr. naps. I am very happy about the reduction, however. I decided to go ahead with my original plan, from 15 to 10 to 5 mg. to 0. Though the advice I've read suggests cutting back by between 2% and 20%, I decided to go on with my cutting back of 33% of the original dose. This is, in part, due to the ease with which you can do this. Abilify is available in 5 mg., 10 mg., and 15 mg., so there is no liquid titration involved, which is the method that must be used if one decides to reduce between 2% and 20%. So far, other than a little restless sleep and slight fatigue, I've had no real withdrawal pains. Onward!

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