Tuesday, September 21, 2010

from wildflowers movement: "...gifted children or adults..."

I started with what was termed a "depression" by a (phobia) psychologist. I wondered later if untreated "depression" could result in schizophrenia. Having read, I realise that this is not so. I am explaining this elsewhere.

I am posting this, partly, for a friend with a child diagnosed "Bi-Polar" when he was younger than ten. The child is considered 'gifted and talented' in school and at home. Though I offered, rather recently, this blog to her family, I did not know how to discuss anything related to her child's diagnosis with her. Here is a mild attempt to do that, now that I decided, as a blogger to address the growing diagnoses of children.

The blog beneath states: "...existential depression or learning disability, when present in gifted children or adults, requires a different approach because new dimensions are added by the giftedness component."

I am currently discovering that what was considered a "depression" by a psychologist (treatable without medications) could have been existential sorrow or melancholia over the loss of love and the loss of the love of my best friend. (at the same time)

My family of origin's responses are usually to "barge in" when there was a request to not "barge in" or to "pull back" when there was an attempt at communication. This is extreme, this is rude.

I was older than ten (a 'tenner') when this happened to me. This was the beginning of my recorded conversation with psychologists (which was, back then, quite distinct from psychiatry). Unfortunately, I have noticed, no more.

Gifted and talented children... the mis-diagnoses

Please look into this entire blog, the posts beneath this one are beautifully written and insightful..

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