Sunday, September 19, 2010

important news: Joaquin Phoenix does not have schizophrenia!

This is a great story about how badly someone who has schizophrenia is treated.

Joaquin Phoenix decided to act. He acted. He played guitar until he could play in film. He acted, acted, acted. He played guitar in film. He dressed up in film.

Then, for some reason, he decided to act while singing 'rap music'. (I am not certain if the 'rap music' is/was called 'rap music' by Joaquin Phoenix, but it's good.) He wore a beard and a moustache. He was angry at fans and photographers (perhaps).

writer says Letterman knew Phoenix was faking

He went on the David Letterman show, as an actor, acting (he acted as an actor, as a guest, as a guest actor, as a very beautiful "ruse".)

Joaquin Phoenix does not have schizophrenia!!


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