Monday, July 7, 2008

new realizations, found terrific blog

This past week I continued affirmations and meditation and added a gratitude list before I go to bed. I simply note 5-6 things I am thankful for in that day. I say affirmations out loud in the mornings now. I meditated for 14 minutes twice a day. I also worked on forgiveness, forgiving others I am angry with and, also, myself. I realized that I have issues with anger and safety, that these are main causes of my difficulties.
I found 2 great blogs with loads of resources. I will pass along one here. It is from Gianna Kali, who is currently reducing medications. She writes: This blog is documentation of my journey off psych meds as well as an introduction to alternative forms of care for mental health regardless of whether one is on meds, off meds, or coming off meds.
(quoted with permission of Gianna Kali)
On this page there are some great resources regarding withdrawal from medicines.
The blog is: Beyond Meds
From this blog I found two support groups at yahoo!: "Withdrawal and Recovery" and "SafeHarbor", which I joined this week.

This past week's progress --

  • medication: continued taking 10 mg Abilify in the morning
  • sleep: slept an average of 10.5 hrs. a night, one nightmare, dreams less confusing
  • exercise: had an ankle injury, walked 3 days, lifted weights one day
  • diet: ate 4 meals a day, except for 3 days, ate 3
  • weight: 160 lbs.
  • mood: ok all week

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