Monday, July 7, 2008

whether 'schizophrenia' exists and medication hazards

Videos detailed below NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Previously, I showed 3 videos which note that chemical imbalances have not been proven to exist in schizophrenia. These "chemical imbalances" are often given as the cause of 'mental illnesses' by psychiatry. The videos also question the very existence of an 'illness' called schizophrenia, pointing out that the 'disease' has only been called schizophrenia since 1908.

In the late 1800's "schizophrenia" was called dementia praecox. Those suffering actually had a virus. So, 'schizophrenia' was really a physical medical problem originally, wrongfully diagnosed.

To call the problems associated with "schizophrenia" an 'illness' or 'disease' is wrong. The drugs used to treat "schizophrenia" damage the nerve fibers and cause irreversible brain damage.

These videos detailed the many problems associated with the psychotropic drugs. There is no scientific proof that "schizophrenia" exists as an 'illness'. There is no physical cause of "schizophrenia".

Are the only causes of "schizophrenia" political?

See: Science Insanity by Apreveshensky and Manhood of Humanity

The Selling of Schizophrenia Part I, The Selling of Schizophrenia Part II, and The Selling of Schizophrenia Part III have been removed. The three vids are no longer available @YouTube.

This article argues that "schizophrenia" does not exist:

Schizophrenia A Nonexistent Disease


  1. wow these are great videos...I will use them and give you a "hat tip."


    I think the selling of schizophrenia and bipolar both are of huge significance!

  2. I am sorry that the vids are no longer available. The comments regarding the vids still seem to me to be appropriately mentioned.